ZIFIR album2017
14 December 2017 32

ZIFIR Release 'Kingdom of Nothingness' Album Streaming

in News by Edvardsen
Kingdom of Nothingness from Turkish Black Metal duo ZIFIR is out now on Duplicate Records. The album is available on Spotify, Youtube, iTunes, Bandcamp and all other digital platforms. Stream the album in its entirety below: Track Listing: 1.…
14 December 2017 35

LIV KRISTINE Joins MIDNATTSOL New Album In The Making!

in News by Edvardsen
Liv Kristine has joined MIDNATTSOL as their official second singer - right next to her very talented sister Carmen Elise Espenæs. This truly is full sister power! The band is extremely excited about the news: “Hey folks, Like we promised here is the…
14 December 2017 46

WARREL DANE Passed Away on Wednesday 13th 2017

in News by Even Knudsen
This morning we woke up to the sad news that Warrel Dane, long time lead singer of Nevermore and Sancturary, had passed away on Wednesday 13. in Sâo Paulo, Brazil. Dane, who was in the middle of the process of making…
13 December 2017 46

LAMORI Official Video For 'To Die Once Again' Out Today!

in News by Edvardsen
Melo-gothic metal act LAMORI are proud to present the official video for the song 'To Die Once Again' , out today on VEVO / YouTube. 'To Die Once Again' is the title track taken from their latest album released early…
DARK HOUND album2018
13 December 2017 50

DARK HOUND Welcome You To The 'Carnival of Youth'

in News by Edvardsen
Nashville Metal Squad DARK HOUND have released the second single from forthcoming album Dawning. 'Carnival of Youth' is now available for ravenous consumption below: Nashville? Yes. Country music? Not even close. Pure,…
12 December 2017 47

VOODOO CIRCLE New album 'Raised On Rock' coming in February!

in News by Edvardsen
If you consider the songs on VOODOO CIRCLE’s new album 'Raised On Rock' to be an indicator of the current emotional condition their most important protagonists find themselves in, there seems to be no reason to worry…
12 December 2017 52

LECTERN Hits The Outer Sound Studios

in News by Edvardsen
Lectern has joined the The Outer Sound Studios, for the recording sessions of the new album. Drums will be tracked this week, then the sessions will be resumed in January, after the Christmas break. The album will be…
08 December 2017 68

REVENGE 'Spitting Fire' - Cover, Tracklist, Release Date…

in News by Edvardsen
The release date of the new album 'Spitting Fire' by the Speed Metal Band REVENGE from Colombia on CD is January 26th, 2018. REVENGE was formed in 2002 in Medellin City (Colombia) with the only idea of make Speed Metal…
GRAFVITNIR album2017
07 December 2017 71

GRAFVITNIR Streaming New Song 'Vargavinter'

in News by Edvardsen
Swedish Black Metal band GRAFVITNIR have released a new song from forthcoming album Keys to the Mysteries Beyond. Stream 'Vargavinter' below: GRAFVITNIR will release 'Keys to the Mysteries Beyond' December 15 on Carnal…
07 December 2017 59

NOVAREIGN to release new album 'Legends' on Feb. 16th

in News by Edvardsen
Southern California’s Novareign have been steadily and surely building a buzz and reputation for themselves in recent years. The group has become a fixture with energy-abounding live shows filled with nonstop shredding…
06 December 2017 169

NECRODEATH 'The Age Of Dead Christ' out in March

in News by Edvardsen
'The Age Of Dead Christ' is the new album for Necrodeath, the 11th in their career, 33 years after their inception into the scene, when the now legendary demotape 'The Shining Pentagram' was released. 33 as the age of…
06 December 2017 70

MISKATONIC UNION 'Astral Quest' - Cover, Tracklist, Release…

in News by Edvardsen
The release date of the new album 'Astral Quest' by the Heavy Metal Band MISKATONIC UNION on CD is January 26th, 2018. Miskatonic Union arises in Chile in 2014, when 2 friends, decided to put together all their guitar…

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