20 October 2018 34

WROHT Premiere ´Butchery´ Lyric Video

in News by Even Knudsen
As previously announced, Bay Area death metal five-piece WROHT will release their full-length debut Worship Rot on October 30th. Commented singer Ivan Peric: “‘Butchery’ is a song we’re really excited to share. It was one that came up somewhat…
19 October 2018 48

SIRENIA Release Official Video For "Into The Night"

in News by Even Knudsen
The Nordic Epic Metal masters SIRENIA recently released the second single “Into The Night” from the new album Arcane Astral Aeons, which will be out on October 26 via Napalm Records. Now they follow up with the gloomy and dark official music video…
19 October 2018 47

GUARDIANS OF TIME Release "Tearing Up The World" Lyric Video

in News by Even Knudsen
Norwegian heavy metal/power metal band, GUARDIANS OF TIME, celebrate the release of their fifth album with a brand new lyric video for the title track "Tearing Up The World" featuring ABBATH as guest on vocals.…
artillery photo06
18 October 2018 16

ARTILLERY Releases Second Single 'Crossroads to Conspiracy'

in News by Even Knudsen
November 16th sees ARTILLERY release their new album 'The Face Of Fear' which is the successor to 'Penalty By Perception' from 2016.The Danes have now launched the 2nd single taken off the album. Check out 'Crossroads…
17 October 2018 35

VISCERAL DISGORGE Sign With Agonia Records

in News by Even Knudsen
US-based brutal death metal band VISCERAL DISGORGE, have signed a worldwide record deal with Agonia Records. The fivepiece from Baltimore, MD, is currently gearing up to kick off a North American tour with Suffocation,…
17 October 2018 39

REVERENCE Announce Release of Live Album ´Vengeance…

in News by Even Knudsen
US heavy/power metal band REVERENCE have annouced the release of their new live album entitled ‘VENGEANCE IS…LIVE’. It's the brand new 15 song platter to be delivered to the masses on December 7th, 2018 via ROAR! Rock…
17 October 2018 20

VLTIMAS Sign to Season Of Mist

in News by Even Knudsen
Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of VLTIMAS. The three-piece extreme metal formation, consisting of David Vincent (ex-MORBID ANGEL), Rune 'Blasphemer' Eriksen (ex-MAYHEM, AURA NOIR) and Flo Monier…
16 October 2018 27

DEEP SUN Signs With Massacre Records

in News by Even Knudsen
The Swiss symphonic metal outfit DEEP SUN has signed with Massacre Records and plans to release a new album in spring 2019!Powerful and expressive vocals of Debora Lavagnolo are accompanied by catchy keyboard tunes by…
16 October 2018 23

DAWN OF DISEASE Sign New Contract With Napalm Records

in News by Even Knudsen
Since 2016 the German Death Metal Institution DAWN OF DISEASE has been a part of the Napalm Records family, releasing two very strong albums in this relatively short period: "Worship The Grave" and "Ascension Gate”…
16 October 2018 30

LAST UNION Have Signe Multi-Album Deal With ROAR!

in News by Even Knudsen
Italian progressive metal band, LAST UNION feat. Mike LePond (Symphony X) on bass, Uli Kusch (ex-Helloween, ex-Masterplan) on drums and as guest James LaBrie(Dream Theater) on vocals, have signed a multi-album deal with…
16 October 2018 33

SINGLE BULLET THEORY To Release New Album "Divine Ways Of…

in News by Even Knudsen
Single Bullet Theory will release their latest album Divine Ways of Chaos on October 19th after a lengthy and tumultuous period which saw lineup changes and serious health conditions delay its release. SBT is proud to…
db bandpic art
14 October 2018 31

DEADBORN Details For "Dogma Anti God"

in News by Even Knudsen
Six years have passed since “Mayhem Maniac Machine” was released, but the sounds of the shots fired out of this very effective, technical death metal weapon are still reverberating in the ear. Now, the Southern Germans…

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