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ACCEPT Blind Rage

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ACCEPT Blind Rage

If I was asked to make a list of my top 5 favorite bands of all time it would be impossible to leave out Accept, and I still love to listen to their classic albums such as ‘Balls To The Wall’, ‘Metalheart’ and ‘Russian Roulette’. After ‘Russian Roulette’ the curve pointed downwards for a while and, with the exception of ‘Objection Overruled’, none of the following albums received too much attention from my side. But then, with the release of ‘Blood Of The Nations’, I started to eye hope again and with the brilliant ‘Stalingrad’ album Accept proved to be back at their very best. Based on this recent progress my expectations ahead of ‘Blind Rage’ was quite high and when the album finally was out it proved to be everything I had hoped for….and more. ‘Blind Rage’ is simply the best Accept album in nearly three decades and it deserves to be mentioned alongside the above mentioned trilogy from the mid eighties. Mark Tornillo’s voice and vocal style is so close to Udo that the loss of the little, big and charismatic frontman from the original lineup is hardly noticeably. The unmistakable, classic Accept riffs are once again back alongside the amazing melodic and classically inspired leads of guitar mastermind Wolf Hoffmann. The song material is incredible strong and with everything wrapped into an excellent production I’m enjoying every single minute of it…..over and over again.



1979: Accept
1980: I'm a Rebel
1981: Breaker
1982: Restless and Wild
1984: Balls to the Wall
1985: Metal Heart
1985: Kaizoku-Ban (live)
1986: Russian Roulette
1989: Eat the Heat
1990: Staying A Life (live)
1993: Objection Overruled
1994: Death Row
1996: Predator
1997: All Areas Worldwide (live)
2010: Blood Of The Nations

2012: Stalingrad

2014: Blind Rage

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