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AFTERBIRTH The Time Traveler´s Dilemma

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AFTERBIRTH The Time Traveler´s Dilemma

´The Time Traveler´s Dilemma´is the debut full-lenght album from Long Island, New York based technical death metal act Afterbirth and what a magnificent way to enter the limelight. The album is released through Unique Leader Records which as a rule is synonymous with quality when it comes to death metal and that´s sure as hell true in this case as well. ´The Time Traveler´s Dilemma´comes as a fresh breath into a genre where many bands tends to sound the same. Innovative arrangements with tons of intricate details, variation and outstanding musicanship, but most important of all; Great songs. All this comes wrapped into a very suitable and strong production that allows details to shine through the massive walls of drums, guitars and bass. On top of it all lies the deep, guttural growling vocals of Will Smith (no, not that Will Smith) that makes the listening expirience complete. I could have continued throwing out supperlatives about this album, but instead I conclude this session with a strong advise; Do yourself the favour of grabbing a copy of ´The Time Traveler´s Dilemma´, cause this might very well be THE death metal album of the year. 



Time Traveler´s Dilemma (2017)

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