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AMON AMARTH Deceiver Of The Gods

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AMON AMARTH Deceiver Of The Gods

One of the first things I noticed about 'Deceiver Of The Gods', the ninth studio album of Swedish Melodic Death Metal veterans AMON AMARTH, was the more aggressive production that adds more of a live feeling to the sound than on their previous albums. At first I thought it sounded a bit chaotic, but after a few rounds the bits and pieces started to fall in place as the melodies in the songs started to shine through. Another thing about this album is that some of the guitar riffs are more thrash oriented which again provides energy. All ten tracks on the album are of very high quality as you would expect from these Swedes and'Deceiver Of The Gods' is an excellent album, not the peak of their discography perhaps but it's definitely up there among their best moments. Johan Hegg is still in possession of one of the greatest voices within this genre, that's one thing that for sure has not changed. Andy Sneap has once again proved his abilities production vice, and all together I'm confident that 'Deceiver Of The Gods' will not disappoint any AMON AMARTH fan out there, neither true fans of melodic death metal in general. If you choose to buy the ltd edition version of the album you will also get the 'Under The Influence' EP as bonus. 



  'Deceiver Of The Gods' 2013
‘Surtur Rising’ 2011 
’Twilight of the thunder gods’ 2008 
’With oden on our side’ 2006
’Fate of norns’ 2004
’Versus the world’ 2002/2009
’The crusher’ 2001/2009
’The avenger’ 1999
’Once sent from the golden hall’ 1998

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