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EMBRYO A Step Beyond Divinity

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EMBRYO A Step Beyond Divinity

With their previous album Embryo clearly stated that they would be a force to count on when it comes to melodic death metal, or I should probalby say symphonic death metal since their music is more in the vein of bands like Fleshgod Apocalypse or Septicflesh than for instance the Gothenburg way of meodic death metal. Embryo doesn´t take the symphonic elements to such extreme heights as those two bands mentioned though. "A Step Beyond Devinity" feels like a very natrual step forward from their previous selv-titled album, and in my opinion its quite a bit stronger as well. The song material is simply better and so are the arrangements. The harsh screaming vocals that I normally don´t like are still a part of their sound, but this time around it feels more natrual and not too metalcore sounding if you see what I mean. The growling vocal style is fortunately still the more dominant one. The symphonic keyboard arrangements creates an epic and beautiful atmosphere but it never oversahddows the fact that Embryo is a death metal band. So if you´re into well arranged, well produced melodic/symphonic death metal "A Sep Beyond Devinity" is definitely one to look out for.



A Step Beyond Divinity (2017)

Embryo (2015)

No God Slave (2010)

Chaotic Age (2006)

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