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This album has been out for a few months by now, but better late than never they say. Embryo is an Italian melodic death metal band that has been around since the start of the new millennium and they have released two albums prior to this one. I can’t recall having heard any of their first two albums, but from what I’ve read their 2010 album, ‘No god slave’, pretty much defined the direction they wanted their music to take and that this new one is a natural progress from its predecessor. Prior to the release of ‘Embryo’ a new rhythm section was brought into the band to complete the current line-up. On this album though, all drums are played by Francesco Paoli of Fleshgod Apocalypse. The music is pretty much straight forward melodic death metal with keyboards playing a central role when it comes to creating atmosphere. The vocals changes between deep grunts and a more screaming kind of vocals, where the later of those brings in an element of metalcore to the sound. Those screaming vocals are normally not my cup of tea at all, but in this case I can live with it since it’s not getting to dominant. Otherwise the song material is quite strong with an epic and atmospheric feel that shines through in a very good production. Apart from that little vocal issue ‘Embryo’ is an excellent album. 8/10



‘Embryo’ 2015

‘No god slave’ 2010

‘Chaotic age’ 2006

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