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Equipoise features an amalgamation of well-respected musicians within the technical death metal community, a death metal super group in other words. The seven man strong line-up consist of Steve Boiser (Inferi) on vocals, guitarists Nick Padovani (Virulent Depravity), Phil Tougas (First Fragment) and Sanjay Kumar (Wormhole), Hugo Doyton-Karout (Beyond Creation) on fretless bass, Jimmy Pitts (NYN) on keyboards and finally Chason Westmoreland (ex-The Faceless) on drums. 'Demiurgus' is an extremely ambitious project with a total runtime just over an hour which is quite long for this kind of intense music. All those virtouos ingrediences you would normally expect from a technical death metal album are there for sure, but at the same time Equiposise manages to keep focus on melodies and they have even included some atmospheric parts driven by orchestral keyboards, classical guitars and even som flamenco inspired guitars. These more laidback parts are very welcome allowing the listener short breaks from the otherwise intence and uptempo technical/progressive death metal stuff. 'Demiurgus' isn't an album for everyone and I can percectly understand that, but if you can handle the combination of out-of-this-world musicianship, brutality and technical complexity you will eventually discover that underneath all this lies a handful of beautiful, melodic and very vell arranged songs. I can't yet say how this album will stand the test of time, but based on several play throughs I can honestly say that this is one of the most exciting tech death albums I've heard in quite a while. I'm amazed, are you?



Demiurgus (2019)

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