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ETERNAL DELYRIA Paradox Of the Mechanical Angel

ETERNAL DELYRIA Paradox Of the Mechanical Angel

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ETERNAL DELYRIA Paradox Of the Mechanical Angel

Eternal Delyria is a new a new acquaintance to me, but according to their biography the band was founded in 2011 in Ticino, Switzerland and they have release one EP and one full length album prior to Paradox Of the Mechanical Angel. The foundation of Eternal Delyria´s music is definitely melodic death metal, but with a few elements of other genres incorporated into their sound. The album has all the aggression you would expect from a death metal album, but in this keyboards and samples plays a significant role in allover sound of the album. Keyboards are used both for piano parts and orchestral arrangements and is a huge contribution to the beautiful and epic atmosphere that surrounds the material. If it’s possible to define a death metal album as radio friendly this is probably as close as you get. The vocal varies between traditional guttural death metal vocals to the more screaming style of vocals, and the mix works very well in this case. Paradox Of The Mechanical Angel is not among the most innovative and original melodically death metal albums I’ve heard, but the excellent quality of the song material along with a very good production makes this a very enjoyable album to listen to. I’ve played this album a lot the last couple of week and its only getting better each time I hear it, so if you consider yourself a fan of the genre you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one.



Paradox Of The Mechanical Angel (2020)

Letting Go Of Humanity (2016)

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