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IRON MAIDEN The Book Of Souls

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IRON MAIDEN The Book Of Souls

Iron Maiden is one of those bands who never let their fans down, and the fact that they have always stayed true to their style and never moved too far away from the winning formula that captured the heavy metal hordes in the early stages of their carreer is probably the main reason that they are still around nearly 40 years later. It's been five years since the release of 'The Final Frontier', and despite Bruce Dickinsons cancer battle it seems that the guys have used the time off very well to gather energy and creativity for their brand new album entitled 'The Book Of Souls'. After having heard this 92 minutes long opus for the first time I sat there with a huge smile on my face thinking; "Wow, this must be the best Maiden album since the mid-eighties", and a few spinnings later that feeling has definitely not changed. 'The Book Of Souls' contains all the typical aspects you would expect from an Iron Maiden album which can be heard in for instance the excellent 'Death Or Glory', a song that would easily have fitted in on any of their great albums from the eighties. Then you have longer and more complex compositions showing a more progressive side of the band, with the mighty 18 minutes long 'Empire of the clouds' that closes the album as the grand opus, probably one of the best Iron Maiden songs ever written. Iron Maiden anno 2015 sounds more vital than for years, the album is filled with beautiful guitar harmonies and Bruce's voice seems to be in top shape, what more can a true heavy metal fan ask for? I was actually very close to giving 'The Book Of Souls' full score, but ended up on a very strong niner. Hail, the kings of heavy metal!!



'The book of souls' 2015

'The final frontier' 2010
‘A matter of life and deaht’ 2006
‘Death on the road’ 2005
‘Dance of death’ 2003
‘Brave new world’ 2000
‘Ed hunter’ 1999
‘Virtual XI’ 1998
‘The X factor’ 1995
‘Live at Donington 1992’ 1993
‘A real dead one’ 1993
‘A real live one’ 1993
‘Fear of the dark’ 1992
‘No prayer for the dying’ 1991
‘Seventh son of a seventh son’ 1988
‘Somewhere in time’ 1986
‘Live after death’ 1985
‘Powerslave’ 1984
‘Piece of mind’ 1983
‘The number of the beast’ 1982
‘Killers’ 1981
‘Iron maiden’ 1980

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