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MY DYING BRIDE The Ghost Of Orion

MY DYING BRIDE The Ghost Of Orion

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MY DYING BRIDE The Ghost Of Orion

With a career spanning over 30 years and having released 13 full length albums prior to this one My Dying Bride certainly needs no further introduction. With the exception of ‘Evinta’ our British friends have always managed to deliver quality albums, some of them classics and others slightly more average but still solid quality. There has been a couple of changes in the line-up since the last album, introducing Jeff Singer (ex-Paradise Lost) as new drummer and Neil Blanchett as a new second guitarist. My Dying Bride has also ended their long term relationship with Peaceville Records by signing for Nuclear Blast. So what about the material on The Ghost Of Orion? Well, it sounds unmistakable My Dying Bride, no doubt about that, but still my overall impression is that the material is slightly more accessible and the production definitely more polished and clean than what we’ve heard on most of their previous albums. Whether this is a positive thing or not is of course a matter of taste, but I like it. I actually like it a lot. The excellent performance of new drummer Jeff Singer has really added a new dimension to the My Dying Bride sound, in lack of a better description it sounds fresher and more interesting. All eight tracks on the album are premium quality, but as always you need to listen to the album from start to end to get the most out of it. That’s when that mysterious and beautiful My Dying Bride atmosphere really comes to life. The Ghost Of Orion is an excellent album and in my opinion up there among the best in their discography, probably top three. Hopefully it will earn the band the recognition they really deserve.



The Ghost Of Orion (2020)

Feel The Misery (2015)

A Map Of All Our Failures (2012)

Evinta (2011)

For Lies I Sire (2009)

A Line Of Deathless Kings (2006)

Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light (2004)

The Dreadful Hours (2001)

The Light At The End Of The World (1999)

34.788%... Complete (1998)

Like Gods Of The Sun (1996)

The Angel And The Dark River (1995)

Turn Loose The Swans (1993)

As The Flower Withers (1992)

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