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OBSCURA Diluvium

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Obscura´s 2009 album ´Cosmogenisis´is in my opinion a milestone within the technical death metal genre, and it´s still frequently played at my home. The next two albums following ´Cosmogenesis´were both solid albums, but didn´t offer quite the same quality when it came to the song material. Obsura has seen lots of line-up changes over the years with Stefan Kummerer as the only one left from the original line-up, but they have managed to keep their identity and the 2018 version of the band consists of four out of this world talented musicans. ´Diluvium´is the title of their latest offering which is their fifth full lenght album, and what a monster album it has become. It is slightly more straight forward and more accesible than the last two albums...more melodic perhaps, but still very complex, progressive and technical. I guess what I´m trying to say is simply that the song material is better, catchier and more memorable than ever before. The songs appear more as....songs, rather than a collection of incredible advanced riffs, licks and time signatures, and you can easily hear that the guys has paid much more attention to this aspect of their songwriting. Every single track on the album is pure quality and a pleasure to listen to. It remains to see how ´Diluvium´will stand the test of time, but right now I feel it might be the best Obscura album to date as well as a serious contender to the album of the year title. 



Diluvium (2018)

Akróasis (2016)

Omnivium (2011)

Cosmogenesis (2009)

Retribution (2006)

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