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TRITONUS Prison Of Light

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TRITONUS Prison Of Light
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Over the past twenty years or so several great progressive metal band have emerged out of the Norwegian metal scene. In the early stages bands like Manitou, Trivial Act and Spiral Architect led the way and was later followed by Pagan’s Mind, Circus Maximus and Illusion Suite to name a few. Even though ‘Prison Of Light’ is their debut album these guys have been around for a while and the work on this album actually started 23 years ago so you can safely say that the material have been given time to mature over the years. Tritonus was formed by guitar virtuoso Carl A. Tidemann, known from his work with other Norwegian acts like Arcturus and Winds. The other members have been involved with bands like Mindtech, Circus Maximus, Wig Wam, Winds and Ulver so none of these guys are newbies to the genre. When it comes to the song material Tritonus have chosen a more technical approach than for instance Circus Maximus and Illusion Suite. The song structures are more complex and in the vein of Dream Theater and older Fates Warning but still they manage to keep focus on the most important thing – strong melodies. In Rolf Kristensen Tritonus has found a great singer, Tidemann’s guitar work is amazing and the rest of the band does an excellent job as well. ‘Prison Of Light’ is simply one of this year’s best progressive metal releases and an amazing debyt so do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven’t already done so.



'Prison Of Light' 2013

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