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20 November 2021 208

CASKET ROBBERY Release 'Bone Mother' Single

in News by Edvardsen
Madison (WI) - Midwest Death Machine CASKET ROBBERY have officially released their newest single, "Bone Mother.” The song is now available on Spotify and all other streaming platforms. Stream or download "Bone Mother" now at…
09 November 2021 217

FINAL COIL drop new video 'Lost Hope (Trip)'

in News by Edvardsen
Originally featured on the Persistence of Memory album, Lost Hope was reworked for a special, online edition of Fusion Festival. The recording of the track opened the door to the band taking a new look at old material and paved the way for…
09 November 2021 198

CÂN BARDD to release 'Devoured by the Oak'

in News by Edvardsen
Influenced by bands such as Caladan Brood, Elderwind, Saor and Gallowbraid, Cân Bardd was founded in 2016 as a one-man project by then 18-year-old Malo Civelli from Switzerland, with the purpose of creating an outlet…
06 November 2021 261

MALIGNANT ALTAR to Release 'Realms of Exquisite Morbidity'…

in News by Edvardsen
Texas death horde MALIGNANT ALTAR is set to unleash its highly-anticipated full-length debut album. Entitled Realms of Exquisite Morbidity, the album will be out December 10 on Dark Descent Records. Vinyl treatment to…
06 November 2021 243

DELPHIAN Premiere Video for Title Track from 'Somnambulant…

in News by Edvardsen
Progressive Death Metal duo DELPHIAN have partnered with No Clean Singing for the premiere of "Somnambulant Foregoer," the title track from the band's forthcoming debut album. Check it out below!…
05 November 2021 223

CENTINEX details new ep!

in News by Edvardsen
Sweden's classic death metal unit CENTINEX reveals cover artwork & tracklistling for the upcoming new EP titled "The Pestilence". Agonia Records scheduled its release for April 1st, 2022. "The Pestilence" adds five…
10 October 2021 409

UNDER THE OAK Drop New Video 'Hymn For The Fallen'

in News by Edvardsen
'Hymn for the Fallen' is the new video from our debut album “Ripped up by the Roots”. The video celebrates the 1-year anniversary of its release. This product comes to you from the mighty Metaworks, our good friend and…
09 October 2021 405

ANAKIM Released new album 'The Elysian Void' on October 08

in News by Edvardsen
Featuring current and ex members of Basement Torture Killings, Abgott, Bloodshot Dawn and The Drowning, the extreme music pedigree of Anakim is unquestionable. All that experience and skill has been poured into the…
08 October 2021 564

DELPHIAN Release New Lyric Video

in News by Edvardsen
Progressive Death Metal duo DELPHIAN have released a lyric video for "A Suicide Speech to Persuade," a track from forthcoming debut album Somnambulant Foregoer. Check it out below: Certainly not a pro-suicide song, the…
08 October 2021 348

FEED THE CORPSES TO THE PIGS Release New Single 'I Drink…

in News by Edvardsen
Extreme Metal brutes FEED THE CORPSES TO THE PIGS have released new single "I Drink Myself to Death," a track from forthcoming album This Insidious Horror. The song is available to stream and/or purchase at…
15 September 2021 379

DEIMLER to Release new album 'A Thousand Suns' on October…

in News by Edvardsen
Spanish Death Metal band DEIMLER will release their new album "A Thousand Suns" on October 19th, through Xtreem Music on CD, 12"LP, Cassette and Digital formats. The origin of DEIMLER dates back to 1998, dissolving in…
15 September 2021 366

FEED THE CORPSES TO THE PIGS Premiere 'Jesus is my…

in News by Edvardsen
Extreme Metal brutes FEED THE CORPSES TO THE PIGS have partnered with Decibel for the lyric video premiere of "Jesus is my Respirator." Check it out at this location. This Insidious Horror will be released October 15 on…

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