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ÆNIGMATUM New Album 'Deconsecrate' via 20 Buck Spin - Details and Trackstream available


20 Buck Spin proudly announces the sophomore full-length of Portland’s ÆNIGMATUM!


"Deconsecrate", featuring a surreal artwork by Ivory Crux (Voidceremony), will be released on 13th August 2021 on CD, LP, MC and in digital versions.


The eight songs on "Deconsecrate" constitute a labyrinthian structure of twisting nuanced complexity and intricate explosive chaos. Blood-freezing and incandescently beautiful at once, ÆNIGMATUM temper their withering elaborate intensity with astonishingly elegant melodic passages carved into the mind like towering marble hallucinations.


"Forged From Bedlam", the album’s opening track, can be checked out here:



ÆNIGMATUM album2021




1. Forged From Bedlam
2. Undaunted Hereafter
3. Disenthralled
4. Fracturing Proclivity
5. Floods Within A Splintered Cortex
6. Larker, Sanguine Phantom
7. Despot Of Amorphic Dominions
8. Animus Reflection


Uniquely technical melodic Black/Death Metal!


"Deconsecrate" will be released on 13th August 2021!



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