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ANAKIM Released new album 'The Elysian Void' on October 08


Featuring current and ex members of Basement Torture Killings, Abgott, Bloodshot Dawn and The Drowning, the extreme music pedigree of Anakim is unquestionable. All that experience and skill has been poured into the making of the band’s second album, The Elysian Void, along with a unique sonic sorcery that can only be summoned by this particular combination of musicians, working in unholy harmony. Together they have created a sound of stunning power, melody and thrilling vitality; an album to be revered like the old gods whose stories it tells.


This journey through landscapes of fantasy and fear, history and horror begins with ‘Of Starlit Shrines’, a cavalcade of spiralling guitars, thundering drums and fearsome vocals. Stories unfold as riffs entwine, a glorious drama played out in sound. This is death metal at its most adventurous and imaginative, where the superlative song craft lifts the music beyond the walls of its designated genre. Songs like ‘Infinite Realities’ and ‘Malformed Chthonic Dream’ have that magical quality to enthral, to connect, to seize a place in the memory of all who hear them. The Elysian Void succeeds on multiple levels; it’s devastatingly heavy, technically impressive, beautifully crafted and inspiringly imaginative. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Samuel Turbitt (All Consumed, Unfathomable Ruination etc) and enfolded in the sublime artwork of Mark Erskine (Temple Of Demigod, Ghoul Chapel etc), this album is complete in every way.


When The Elysian Void was first completed in the summer of this troubled year, it stepped quietly from the shadows into the white noise of the pandemic with barely a raised fist to announce its arrival. Such an injustice could not be allowed to pass. One of the finest metal albums of the year should be unveiled with a deafening fanfare of acknowledgement!


So on October 8th Imperative PR are relaunching Anakim’s masterpiece in the manner it deserves - do not let this album pass you by!


ANAKIM album2021


Track Listing:


1 – Of Starlit Shrines
2 – Infinite Realities
3 – Casualties Of An Ascendant War
4 – The Auguries Of Virgin Soil
5 – Bearer Of The Sacred Flame
6 – Malformed Chthonic Dream
7 – Veins Of The Unlight
8 – The Elysian Void




Genre: Melodic Technical Death Metal
For fans of: Pestilence | Essence Of Datum | Dark Tranquillity | Bloodshot Dawn





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