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ANOMALY Releasing 'Planet Storm' in September


U.S. Death Metal quintet ANOMALY will self-release their full-length debut album, Planet Storm, on September 17. The album combines re-recorded, remastered versions of three songs (and intro) from 2019's Planet Storm EP with five new tracks. The result is a cosmic. crushing, and cohesive Death Metal tour de force!


The title track and the re-recorded "Lurking in the Bootes Void" are streaming now on Bandcamp!



Floating through the vastness of the universe, but localized in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ANOMALY represent the cold, yet rugged battle of mankind and meaning. Each song a microcosm of the vast complexities of the cosmos, blistering sounds present an all too human mosaic of musical material giving interpretation to the mystery and terror of everything unknown. Like traversing the corridors of a space-bound craft, each instrument is crucial in holding together songs that stand the test of aeons.


The drums and bass provide a foundation as firm and dependable as the hull of a ship carrying precious cargo across lightyears. The captivating keyboards represent a bio-mechanical blend of natural sensibility and speculation in a future mode - the decorum of the craft. While the guitars, the passenger on board, are filled with textures that turn the ear toward a human disenfranchised from the unruly present - a hard, aggressive shell that reveals brilliant, flawed, and yearning character when necessary. Not unlike space and time, ANOMALY suggests a picture of complexity beyond our understanding and the frustration that comes with knowing everything and nothing all at once.


ANOMALY album2021


Track Listing:


1 Zero Gravity
2 A Gift from Theia
3 Lurking in the Bootes Void
4 Caught in the Ergosphere
5 Antares
6 Subterranean Worlds
7 Planet Storm
8 The Observable Universe
9 Remains of a Cosmic Catastrophe


Album Credits:

Recording and Mixing: Ryan Kutz at Cherry Pit
Studios (Tracks 2-4 & 6-9)


Mastering: Ryan Kutz at Cherry Pit Studios (Tracks 2-4 & 6-9)
Additional Mastering: Eric Oehler at Submersible
Studios (Tracks 1 & 5)


Technical Assistance: Patrick Gunderson & Brandon Arens


Additional Production: Mixing / Programming (Track 1), Mixing / Secondary Programming (Track 5), and all Vocoding provided by Arhallogen.


Art Layout: Chris Wenzel [Incognitype Designs]


Photography: Abby Kohler & Kaitlyn Ihn Photography


Pre-order Planet Storm:



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