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BLOOD OF ANGELS new album 'Failure Of Faith' – Out Oct 6th


Inspired by the burgeoning local metal scene of Tampa, Florida USA, Blood Of Angels are making their mark on the genre that has guided them through the darkest of times. With local town heroes such as Cannibal Corpse and Nasty Savage inspiring down that path, Blood Of Angels blend death, black, thrash and lashings of power metal into a high-octane frenzy. Above all, the band combines their musical prowess and instrumental talents to make social commentary on public mistruths and the atrocities committed against humanity.


Band members, Randy Reyes (vocals), Aaron Robinson (guitars), Jonathan Rushford (drums), and the Maggot (bass) have been united under the Blood Of Angels umbrella since the fall of 2015. They boast an abundance of experience as both musicians and songwriters, with 80 active years in the industry between them. Utilizing thought-provoking lyrics akin to influential performers such as Dark Tranquility, Slayer, Cradle Of Filth and Slipknot, they make music to fulfill the goal of creating concept albums that hold deep meaning.


All that experience has come together with Blood Of Angels newest release Failure Of Faith. Failure Of Faith is a concept album that explores the evolution of the three main global religions of the world. The first half of the album looks at the development of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. How those three religions began to carve up and dominate the world. The second half of the album shows how those three faiths have led humanity down a path of division and self-destruction.


Recorded, mixed and mastered in Tampa, Florida’s Mastersound Studios with engineer and co-producer Preston DiCarlo.


Track by track by Aaron Robinson:

The title track, Failure Of Faith, is an instrumental track to start off the album setting the mood for the mayhem to come.


Monotheism is the beginning of the concept of a singular God during the time of ancient Egypt, and how that concept has fanaticized followers to a concept of superiority over other faiths in the ancient world through the middle ages. The music is a driving blend of black metal and groove metal riffs.


40 Year Journey goes into the development of Judaism from Exodus to the creation of modern-day Israel, as well as how an oppressed people throughout history has become the oppressor.


Blood Of The Lamb continues the journey into the development of the three main religions by bringing this account of Christianity based on historical facts and not the bible. Questioning the validity and claims of the “messiah” and the creation of a power-hungry organizations based a blend of ancient used to alter history, put to a backdrop of death metal furry.


Islam is the religion of focus on this track. The Messenger is the translation for the profit Mohamad and how a legend transformed into a religion that continues to influence and used to control over a billion people today.


The Crusader begins the second half of the album. In this song we chronicle the 200-year war that is known as The Crusades. The song is musically based in the style of many epic metal songs such as Iron Maiden’s “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” and Metallica’s “Fade To Black” with more of a death/black metal twist.


The title comes from the nickname given to Martin Luther when he was in seminary school, because of his love for beer. King Of Hops outlines the revolutionary changes that Martin Luther did within Christianity set with off time and syncopated metal rhythms.


Disaster Of Supremacy brings forth the brutality and speed elements of Blood Of Angels sound, while singing about how societal ideas of supremacy in any form brings for the end of stabilized civilization. By linking racial and religious supremacist’s ideology have the same dangerous end.


Don’t Need (Religion) is our tribute to the great Motorhead and Lemmy Kilmister. The song was originally recorded on the “Iron Fist” album. We wanted to do a Motorhead song, and this song is perfect to summarize the album.


For the final track of the album, we delve deep into the gothic metal with the each of the three verses highlighting some of the religious organizations created in the United States. In America’s Mythologies, we discuss Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Scientology.




Track Listing:

01. Failure Of Faith

02. Monotheism

03. 40 Year Journey

04. Blood Of The Lamb

05. The Messenger

06. The Crusader

07. King Of Hops

08. Disaster Of Supremacy

09. Don’t Need (Religion)

10. America’s Mythologies


The Failure Of Faith | Released October 6th, 2020 via Sliptrick Records


Amon Amarth | Dark Tranquility | Slayer | Morbid Angel




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