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BRICK Start Building Their Future With 'Done Counting My Scars' – Out Sep 15th

BRICK band

Done Counting My Scars is the sophomore effort from Swedish heavy metallers Brick. And it’s all here! Hot ass riffs and soaring refrains with music that’s a vibrant mixture of hard and soft, hot and cold. From the darkest of Sweden they come brave and bold. The group even pitched in a slow song for those sultry moments!


Brick are not shy at having something to say; “Listeners should prepare themselves for a fast paced roller coaster. You can step off at the tunnel of love …and get on that roller coaster again. Feel the agony of loosing when you are used to winning. Have a boot to DJT’s ass. Pay for eternity. We all lost someone. We all had someone. Young minds get old fast in the horrors of war. If you want it, get it. Chemical romances clearly fade.


Done Counting My Scars is a natural continuation of the bands well received debut album Faceless Strangers from 2016. The album was recorded and mastered at Shimmer Studios, Ljungby Sweden by Dennis Åhman. Cover art by Natalie Strömberg.


BRICK album2020


Track Listing:

01. Done Counting My Scars

02. Americas First

03. Beloved Congregation

04. Lifes Like

05. One Less Day

06. Shy Of Seventeen

07. I Am War

08. No.1 Fan

09. Taking Turns

10. Turn To Gray


Done Counting My Scars | Released September 15th, 2020 on Sliptrick Records



The Haunted, Iron Maiden, Dio, Rainbow, In Flames, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God



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