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CRYOSPHERE joins Sliptrick Records


Danish group Cryosphere (formed in 2016) are an alternative melodic metal band with both female and male vocals. The music evokes an inner picture of a windswept winter landscape, barren, bitter and with a single red rose in bloom, defiant in the face of its own annihilation. The narratives act as mirrors that are held up for the listener and you are forced to see all things about yourself, good and bad.


The band have successfully been compared to bands like Amaranthe and Lacuna Coil. Cryosphere have managed to create a sound universe that is rarely seen in Denmark. In terms of genre, they are somewhere between symphonic metal and hardcore, placed in their own musical playground with room for sheer emotion. Their universe is especially hard to classify due to the band’s two dedicated vocalists, who add an interesting diversity in the groups vocal universe because of their contrasting strengths and techniques. This allows for the incorporation of vocals from all parts of the spectrum: from dark animalistic screams to the velvety soft and sirenic voices. Cryosphere’s true genre remains vague, as their music contains elements from several genres that are elegantly interwoven.


Expect their brand new EP, Constellations, to be released worldwide via Sliptrick Records soon and in the meantime, we have their recent official video release, taken from Constellations, for you to watch and listen to right here. The track is called I Am Become Death.



Bring Me The Horizon | Nightwish | Lacuna Coil | Dead Silence Hides My Cries | David Bowie | Amaranthe



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