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DARK ARENA official lyric video for 'Dark Arena' released

DARK ARENA has released a new official lyric video for the song "Dark Arena". That song is on the new album "Worlds Of Horror", which will be released on 27th August 2021 on CD and Vinyl via PURE STEEL RECORDS.



Video by Capture 1 Studios


Finally back to US Metal, DARK ARENA are back! The US metallers have returned and present a classic sound that is best shown in the present.


Yes! But wait.... Wasn't DARK ARENA those U.S. metallers whose leader, guitar virtuoso Paul Konjicija left this world in 2019? Yes, together with singer Juan Ricardo (RITUAL, SUNLESS SKY, WRETCH, ATTAXE) he was the figurehead of DARK ARENA. Nevertheless, Paul Konjicija, Juan Ricardo and drummer / keyboardist Noah Buchanan (NUNSLAUGHTER, SOLIPSIST) recorded another DARK ARENA album in 2018 before he died.


Less keyboards, no experiments and more powerful guitar riffing are the differences between "Worlds Of Horror" and the previous DARK ARENA albums. Of course, Juan Ricardo sings as brilliantly as always.


US Metal how US Metal should sound.


DARK ARENA album2021



1. Worlds Of Horror
2. Dark Arena
3. Annunaki Arise
4. Damnation Within
5. Bite The Bullet
6. Kill Procedure
7. Sacred Rite
8. Destiny Bridge
9. Abandoned

Total Playing Time: 39:40 min


Special guests:
"Mysterious" Mike G – guitar solo
Mylie "Karma" Gorman – harmony vocals
Ewell Martin – drums on Annunaki Arise


DARK ARENA 'Dark Arena' will be released on 27th August 2021 via PURE STEEL RECORDS.



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