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DETRITUS new album 'Myths' out February 19th!


Even as their second album, If But For One, was being released, an effervescent album full of creativity and imagination, Detritus were laying down their arms. The door was quietly closed on the tumultuous potential revealed by If But For One and its predecessor Perpetual Defiance and the members of Detritus turned and walked away. Until now. The success of recent reissues of those early ‘90s classics stirred up old memories and reignited flames; that closed door began to open once more and Detritus were reborn. The intervening years were blown away like so much dust on a neglected guitar and Myths began to take shape...


The music world has changed since Detritus first emerged onto the Bristol music scene in 1989, stunning audiences with their resolutely positive approach and high energy live shows. They drew fans to their banner thanks to rampaging live performances alongside the likes of Slammer, Acid Reign and the Galactic Cowboys, securing their loyalty with the riff-packed exuberance of Perpetual Defiance and its iconic Rodney Matthews artwork and the fresh, exciting songs that made up If But For One. What hasn’t changed, despite the passage of time, is Detritus’ ability to create remarkable, progressively minded thrash metal. If anything the band have emerged from their lengthy hiatus stronger than ever before, with Myths combining the best of both previous albums and striding still further ahead. This is no nostalgia trip, no flawed attempt to recreate the past...this is new and exciting music from a band who still have so much left to say.


On February 19th Myths will be revealed in all its glory and a new generation of metal fans will have the chance to experience the unique power of Detritus. The potency of songs like ‘Forever Soldier’ and ‘Call Me Human’ is beyond question and somehow Detritus have eclipsed their past musical achievements with ease.


Bringing a message of hope in these times of fear and doubt, Detritus have returned!


DETRITUS album2021


Track Listing:


1 – Myth Of Redemptive Violence
2 – Bright Black
3 – Tale Of Sadness
4 – Call Me Human
5 – Exoria
6 – Bloodstained Glass
7 – Pharisee
8 – The Game
9 – Forever Soldier





Genre: Progressive Thrash Metal
For fans of: Metallica | Megadeth | Death Angel | Savatage


Pre-order 'Myths' HERE!



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