FINAL COIL Announce 'The World We Left Behind For Others' Release Date!


FINAL COIL album2019

Uk powerful prog rock combo Final Coil are thrilled to announce that their sophomore album 'The World We Left Behind For Others' will be out on 12/04/2019 via Wormholedeath/The Orchard/Wormholedeath USA.

Speaking about the forthcoming album, Final Coil front man Phil Stiles said: “Heavier and darker than our debut, The World We Left Behind For Others was a challenging record to make. Perhaps it runs against the trend, as it is very much an album meant to be heard in one sitting (and in the correct order), but I believe it to be the best thing I have ever written and I am very excited for people to hear it.


For the occaion Final Coil unleashed the lyric video for the song " ...And I'll Leave".

About " ...And I'll Leave"

…And I’ll leave” comes part way through the narrative arc of the album, detailing the break-up of a relationship from the perspective of a soldier’s wife. It’s clear from the lyrics that her husband is suffering from a form of post-traumatic stress disorder triggered by his experiences during World War II and it’s equally clear that he’s self-medicating with alcohol. As with so many of his generation, the need to maintain a “stiff upper lip” trumps the desperation to communicate, and so, awash with unresolved emotion, he becomes abusive and neglectful. Although she still loves him on some level, for her own safety, she has to leave. However, much as he is trapped by the expectations of his generation, so is she; and she soon finds that the support she might have expected from her family and friends is not forthcoming. It’s a tough lesson she learns, and one that results in a self-reliance she takes to her grave. Part of a wider narrative detailing the way society has become fragmented as a result of the seismic social and cultural shifts that occurred post World War II (seen through the eyes of a family torn apart by internal strife), “…and I’ll leave” tells the all too familiar story of ordinary people trapped into destructive patterns by social convention.


FINAL COIL album2019

The full track listing and cover for The 'World We Left Behind For Others':


1 – Ash’s
2 – The Last Battle
3 – Scattered Dust
4 – Take Me For A Walk
5 – Empty Handed
6 – Keeping Going
7 – Convicted Of The Right
8 – Ashes
9 – One More Drink...
10 - ...And I’ll Leave
11 – One More Trip
12 – The World We Left Behind For Others


The artwork for the new album was created by Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art (Flotsam And Jetsam, Rock Goddess etc) who was also responsible for the striking image that adorned Persistence Of Memory. The artwork for 'The World We Left Behind For Others' flows through the booklet, guiding the listener through the story as the music unfolds.


Final Coil’s frontman Phil Stiles reveals a little more about his band’s finest work to date:


I don’t think any of us in Final Coil thought we would have a second album ready to go so quickly after Persistence of Memory, not least because there was really nothing left over from those sessions that could be used moving forward. The dual catalysts for The World We Left Behind For Others proved to be both political and personal. As we were mixing Persistence..., I received word that my grandmother, Stella, had passed away after a relatively short illness. At 101, it was hardly a shock that she was gone, but she had played a major part in my upbringing and I was heartbroken. Whilst clearing out some of her things, we discovered a couple of letters which shed light on a part of her life that she had never discussed with us. They exposed not only the fragility at the heart of any human relationship, but also the prevailing social attitudes of a time in which women were expected to behave in a certain way regardless of the circumstances they faced. The language of the letters seemed to mirror, in many ways, the terrible polarisation of society in the wake of the vote to leave the EU. With families and friends facing one another across a social chasm, it seems that far less has changed since the early 1900s than we, as a society, like to believe. To see populist speakers gaining traction, right wing groups once more on the rise and a fierce rejection of a globalism it seems that there are those who actively wish to raise the spectre of a divided, nation-state-led world once again; along with all the divisions that come with it; and it was those two subjects that bled into lyrics that I started to write at a ferocious rate.

The first track I wrote, and the track upon which the entire album hangs, is ‘Imaginary Trip’. I didn’t set out to write a concept album, but as I moved forward, I realised that the melodies of that song were haunting the other tracks on the record. It’s something that can be found in much of Roger Waters’ work (most notably The Wall and The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking) and it occurred to me that, as the songs were already linked thematically, it made sense for the music to be linked so explicitly. As the piece reached its conclusion, I realised that it also formed the perfect sequel to Persistence... That album dealt in broad terms with themes of isolation through a lack of communication, whereas this one looks more at the consequences of a lack of communication within families and groups upon society as a whole. As such, the first notes you hear on The World... are also the last notes of Persistence...

With the basic album completed and demoed in February 2017, I then approached Jola and Richard to see if they were happy to proceed with the album. Their input, as always, proved invaluable and Richard rose to phenomenal heights on this record. I don’t believe I have ever heard him play better or with such sensitivity as he does on ‘Imaginary Trip’, whilst his lead work on ‘The Last Battle’ is simply outstanding. We spent four amazing weeks tracking the record with Wahoomi Corvi and Cristian Coruzzi at Real Sound Studios. They are a fantastic team and they really brought the best out of us performance-wise. It was a pleasure, too, to work with Jonny Mazzeo who mixed and mastered the record at Mathlab Studios. He fully understood that we wanted to make a very dynamic album, and he mixed the piece carefully to allow for plenty of ebb and flow. As a band, we’ve always been drawn to albums that sound natural, and Jonny delivered a vibrant master that really allows the individual elements to shine through without being rendered flat in the name of loudness. Heavier and darker than our debut, The World We Left behind For Others was a challenging record to make. Perhaps it runs against the trend, as it is very much an album meant to be heard in one sitting (and in the correct order), but I believe it to be the best thing I have ever written and I am very excited for people to hear it.


'The World We Left Behind For Others'is available for pre-add/pre-order.



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