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MESSIAH New EP 'Fatal Grotesque Symbols - Darken Universe' Details revealed


The return of MESSIAH draws near! 26 years after their last studio album, Switzerland’s legendary Death-Thrashers are about to unleash the successor to their "Underground" record from 1994. The new album is called "Fracmont" and will be released via High Roller Records on September 11th.


In advance of the full-length and to shorten the waiting time, MESSIAH will offer an EP with three songs not to be found on the album.


"Fatal Grotesque Symbols - Darken Universe" will contain a brand new song and re-recorded versions of "Space Invaders" from the band’s 1986 debut album "Hymn To Abramelin" as well as the title track of the second album "Extreme Cold Weather" (1987). The EP will be available on August 7th on CD and Vinyl. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Little Creek Studio Switzerland, March/April 2020 by V.O. Pulver and features a cover artwork by Björn Gooßes /


MESSIAH album2020



1. Fatal Grotesque Symbols - Darken Universe (New song)

2. Space Invaders (Re-recording feat. guest vocals by Sven Gross / Fleshcrawl)

3. Extreme Cold Weather (Re-recording feat. guest vocals by Chrigel Glanzmann / Eluveitie)





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