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ORDER to release new track 'Descend'

ORDER band

Following 'Lex Amentiae' released in 2017, Norway’s ORDER are releasing their brand new and second full length album ’The Gospel’ in October.

ORDER was founded in 2013 by Anders Odden, Rene Jansen, Kjetil Manheim and Billy Messiah. The four being respectively responsible for early-stage Norwegian death metal (Cadaver) and the origin of the Norwegian Black metal (Mayhem).

In 2014, Jansen sadly passed away, leaving the project unrealized. The remaining members decided to move forward despite the setback.

In 2015 Stu Manx (f. Gluecifer) joined the band and set the band back on its quest to make unpolished raw black metal anno the 21st century.

ORDER are digitally issuing a brand new track entitled ‘Descend’ on July 30th

Watch the video below:


Drummer, lyricist Kjetil Manheim comments:
"Descend is about how we are responsible for our own pain and suffering.
How we slowly build the house of pain that torments us from inside.
There's no one to blame, we are building the pillars of destruction and the chains that bind us to them and which draw us toward the center of our torments. My violence is not about physical self harm, but psychological self inflicted harm as life progresses. How we are both the tormentor and the tortured. In the video we try to reflect that. There's no external violence.
You can see we tear and scream at an inner pain that makes us hurt. It comes in flashes and intensity."


ORDER bring the sounds from Black Metal early days to life, and with ‘The Gospel’ they have gathered in the energy field that fueled the early era where they first met; Mayhem's ‘Deathcrush' era.


ORDER album2021


The Gospel Tracklisting:

1 Pneuma 00:33
2 Rise 04:20
3 Bringer of Salt 02:32
4 It Burns 03:42
5 The Gospel 03:04
6 Gal.Lu 00:42
7 Descend 03:40
8 Lust 03:45
9 My Pain 04:14
10 Tomb 04:34
11 Pneuma II 02:05


Release dates: EU: 1/10/2021 / US: 15/10/2021


Formed anno 2013 to restore order and celebrate Pure Fucking Armageddon for all!



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