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OXBLOOD FORGE Release Lyric Video for 'Into The Abyss'


Doom-anchored Heavy Metal quartet OXBLOOD FORGE have released a lyric video for "Into The Abyss," the band's second single from forthcoming album Decimator. Check out the video below:



The single can also be purchase/streamed on Bandcamp.


OXBLOOD FORGE will release third full-length album Decimator on June 18! The album's first single, the title track, was released previously and is streaming below:



Though in existence for a mere five years, OXBLOOD FORGE has proven both prolific and creative in developing a sound on its own terms. Doom metal has been, and continues to be, a significant part of the band's sound, but heavy metal is the unifying element. On Decimator, the band's metal roots are on full display. Big hooks and heavy riffing built on a robust metal foundation is what OXBLOOD FORGE brings to the table in 2021 with Decimator.




Track Listing:


1. Into The Abyss
2. Decimator
3. Forged In Fire
4. Spirit Of Vengeance
5. Mortal Salience
6. Until the Gods Return (Hunt You Down)
7. Screams From Silence
8. Sorceress [Angel Witch cover]
9. Ironbound


Album Credits:

Recorded 2020 @ Red Devil Studios by Joel Hopkins
Mixed by Cory Paza @ All Step Studios
Mastered by Tom Waltz @ Waltz Mastering
Cover illustration by Brad Fraunfelter / BF Illustration
Photography by Evil Robb Photography
All songs written by Oxblood Forge except “Sorceress By Kevin Heybourne Copyright EMI Music Publishing Ltd originally by Angel Witch




Loud heavy metal from the Northeast.



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