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PANTOKRATOR To Release New Album, First Single Out Today




Swedish death metal veterans Pantokrator will release their brand new album Marching Out Of Babylon through Nordic Mission on January 29th, while the first single of the album "We The People" premieres today.



PantokratorĀ“s brand new singel and video encompasses the essence of what the Swedish death metal veterans are about. Melody and brutality mixed together in lyrics worth getting into. "We the People" is a kick in the groin to the systems that hold us down, and a call to arms to all of us that stand up for democracy, all draped in head banging rhythms, latin frases and Martin Luther King samples.



"A new world is born as the old one dies; not by flood, but by burning skies."


Swedish death metal veterans Pantokrator finally grant us their fourth studio album a?er six long years of wriAng, riffing and perfecAng. These brutal melodic death metallers have unveiled their new full-length album, "Marching Out of Babylon" due the 29th of January 2021. Pre-orders are available now!


"Marching Out of Babylon" is far from Pantokrator's first rodeo on the bucking bronco of brutal, bone-breaking music. Pantokrator have been cra?ing metal mayhem for nearly 25 years. They once more proudly deliver a new wave of metal combining grinding, jarring blast beats that tear at the listeners flesh and rend their skin, while incorporaAng bone-splintering and skull-spliSng slams alongside absolutely visceral, throat-shredding screams. The immense and nigh-unfathomable levels of heaviness and technicality Pantokrator bring to the table is the spiSng image of their namesake: "All powerful and Almighty".


Pantokrator embodies their moniker by reigning miles above the likes of their metallic peers melding aggression, technique, and musical prowess. With calm, serene and ethereal instrumentaAon clashing with their proclivity to punish the listener with moments of backbending, spine-shredding brutality, one can only wait in awe and wonder at what "Marching Out of Babylon" will mean for these Swedish shredders.





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