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PHOBETOR prepare to release 'When Life Falls Silent'


When Phobetor released their first EP, Burning Memories, a little over a year ago, they were already hungry to push things further. They knew they had so much more to say, both musically and lyrically, than they had managed to express on their first release. Since then they have been working feverishly upon the solid foundations of Burning Memories, digging deep to find their truth. Now they are ready to present Phobetor reborn – harder, heavier, more extreme, with their hearts laid bare and their undiluted passions aflame. This is the incendiary, uncompromising sound of When Life Falls Silent.


From its beginnings in blood and pain to its ending in a last shuddering breath, life is a wild ride of confusion and terror, boiling black storm clouds punctuated by all too rare rays of warming sunshine. With When Life Falls Silent Phobetor have torn away the veils of deceit that hide this terrifying truth from our frantic eyes; they have tapped the vein of our ceaseless struggles and drunk deep of our desperate blood. In the explosive riffs and agonised vocals they have captured raw, dangerous emotions and soul-shaking power. Sinking their blades into the bodies of thrash, death and black metal and pushing every needle into the red they have created a sound as extreme as it is original. From the aching, barren atmosphere of ‘Blind Widow’ to the bewildering, jagged attack of ‘Bury My Name’ and the defiant screams of ‘Dysmorphia’, When Life Falls Silent is a vicious, visceral and challenging experience, the sound of the reality you cannot bear to face.


From its haunting Hans Trasid (Orkrist, Bleeding Utopia, Dawn Of Destiny etc) artwork to the rage and terror within each song, When Life Falls Silent cannot be ignored. Confrontational and utterly unstoppable, Phobetor are the new voice howling in the darkness, that will tear your world to pieces.


PHOBETOR album2020

Track Listing:


1 - Merging Infinity
2 - A Toxic Lie
3 - Whispers of Dissonance
4 - Blind Widow
5 - Psychopathy
6 - Bury My Name
7 - Harmony of Solitude
8 - Dysmorphia
9 - When Life Falls Silent





Genre: Extreme Metal
For fans of: Crisis | Machine Head | Behemoth | Opera IX



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