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Highly-acclaimed progressive metal act REDEMPTION has signed a deal with AFM Records beginning with the release of its live album "Alive in Color" (as CD/BluRay or CD/DVD), recorded during Redemption’s headlining appearance at the ProgPower USA festival, as well as the forthcoming 8th studio album in the near future.

The band, led by guitarist Nick van Dyk and fronted by legendary Tom S. Englund (the charismatic frontman of Swedish dark melodic metal band Evergrey), has established a strong name for itself through its musicianship and live performance since its founding in 2003. Their most recent release, 2018’s ‘Long Night’s Journey Into Day’, was REDEMPTION’s first to feature Englund as their vocalist, and was showcased along with some of the band’s popular previous material and a number of guest performances that year in a headlining performance at ProgPower in Atlanta, GA.

Nick van Dyk comments "We are all tremendously excited about signing a new record deal with AFM. We have of course known of AFM from our beginnings as one of our genre’s most important labels, and with Evergrey on their roster, Tom has first-hand experience with how great they are to work with. Nils and the team at AFM have great enthusiasm, energy, industry expertise and positivity and they are a pleasure to work with. Redemption couldn’t be happier to be part of the AFM family and working to create great music together!"

"Redemption are an exceptional band: creative, thoughtful, melodic, progressive and accessible all at the same time", AFM Records A&R Timo Hoffmann states. "We’re excited to welcome this amazing band that we have held in high regard for many years."


REDEMPTION livealbum2020


Tracklisting DVD:

01 - Intro / Noonday Devil
02 - The Suffocating Silence
03 - The Echo Chamber
04 - Damaged
05 - Someone Else’s Problem
06 - Little Men
07 - Long Night’s Journey Into Day
08 - Threads (feat. Ray Alder)
09 - Black & White World
10 - Indulge In Color (feat. Chris Poland)
11 - Walls





1 Intro / Noonday Devil
2 The Suffocating Silence
3 The Echo Chamber
4 Damaged
5 Someone Else’s Problem
6 Little Men
7 Long Night’s Journey Into Day



1 Threads (feat. Ray Alder)
2 Black & White World
3 Indulge In Color (feat. Chris Poland)
4 Peace Sells (But Who’s Buying) (feat. Chris Poland)
5 Walls
6 Threads (feat. Tom Englund)
7 The Fullness Of Time - Part 3 - Release (Live Bonus)





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