SEVEN SPIRES Sign to Frontiers Music Srl


Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the signing of American metal quartet SEVEN SPIRES for a multi-album deal.


Part bittersweet melodic metal anthems, part apocalyptic melodic death and black metal, and part romantic classical poets, they are storytellers who draw from across the traditional spectrum of metal and beyond to weave tragedies of demons, death, love, and the peculiarities of the human condition.


Following a highly successful crowdfunding campaign and the release of their debut album “Solveig", Seven Spires performed live extensively in the U.S., Canada, and at festivals such as MetalDays, 70000tons of Metal, and ProgPower USA. They are in the final production stages of their second full length record, which will once again be mixed and mastered by Sascha Paeth (Avantasia, Kamelot, Epica, etc), and will be released later in 2019.


Singer Adrienne Cowan says, “We've been searching for a label partner who not only believed honestly in our vision, but could also support us in the ways that we needed. Frontiers is exactly that, and we are thrilled to be on board with them! They have been nothing but helpful and respectful regarding our moves for our next album, and you can expect a release that is highly emotional, dark, and theatrical. The future is shining emerald green, and we elatedly anticipate the next chapter in our voyage. Lastly, we extend our endless thanks to our Seventh Brigade and everyone who has supported us in our endeavours since our creation in '13. We could not have made it here without you.


In related news, Adrienne was recently chosen by Sascha Paeth to front his new band, Sascha Paeth's Masters Of Ceremony and she was handpicked by none other than Tobias Sammet to perform with Avantasia on their upcoming tour, which starts this March.


Seven Spires continue the Frontiers' tradition of identifying and signing the most promising talents to ensure that the future of hard rock and metal music is in good hands. #NewBreed #RockAintDead



The band also kicks off a U.S. tour next week. See all dates below.


17th Jan Herman’s Hideaway – Denver, CO
18th Jan The Loading Dock – Salt Lake City, UT
20th Jan Substation – Seattle, WA
21st Jan Old Nicks – Eugene, OR
22nd Jan Shea’s Tavern – Reno, NV
24th Jan Viper Room – Los Angeles, CA
27th Jan Bancroft – San Diego, CA
28th Jan The Rogue Bar – Scottsdale, AZ
29th Jan The Rockhouse – El Paso, TX
30th Jan The Deadhorse – San Angelo, TX
31st Jan Acadia – Houston, TX
1st Feb Fitzgerald’s – San Antonio, TX
2nd Feb Doublewide – Dallas, TX



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