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SKELETOON 'Nemesis' video available


SkeleToon have released the official video for the song ‘Nemesis’, the titletrack from their upcoming new album ‘Nemesis’.


Watch the video here:



Here is how the band commented: “Nemesis is the ‘villain’ of the concept, but embodies our darkest alter ego. The song has been written specifically to sound the opposite of what the band is known for, less happy maybe, but still very melodic. Special guest on this song is the talented Melissa Bonny: she delivers a powerful growl, definetely in contrast with Tomi’s voice but also perfect in representing the duality described by the song itself.


After successfully revisiting the myth of the ‘Goonies’ flick with the brilliant album ‘They Never Say Die’ (2019), your favorite NerdMetal gang is back (with a vengeance). The fourth chapter of SkeleToon’s own spectacular power metal saga, ‘Nemesis’ showcases a renewed orchestral epic sound that enriches their trademark fast paced, high pitched and comics-ridden style.


Amazing compositions, a fresh touch of sonic brutality, a top-notch production, some stellar special guests, the beginning of a new conceptual story, tons of feel-good vibrations and, last but not least, their inborn sense of wonder and amazement.


The NerdMetal army is ready for the ultimate battle… just put a smile on your face and join the SkeleToon Multiverse! ‘Nemesis’ will be released on September 25th, 2020, with artwork by no other than Stan W. Decker (DragonForce, Rage, Primal Fear). More details will be released soon.


SKELETOON album2020




01. Prelude: Falling Galaxies
02. Brighter Than 1000 Suns
03. Will You Save Us All?
04. Nemesis
05. Starseeker
06. Cold The Night
07. Follow Me Home
08. Wake Up The Fire
09. Il Tramonto Delle Ere
10. Arcana Opera
11. The NerdMetal Superheroes
12. Carry On


Preorder SkeleToon - Nemesis:


Nemesis’ will be released on September 25th, 2020!




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