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SOLFERNUS Debut album re-issue


Moravian hellgang SOLFERNUS re-released the debut album „Hysteria in Coma“ (2005) in July. There was formed so called True Metal Cartel that is created by independent labels which are responsible for this special release: Lava Productions (Czech Republic), Godz Ov War Productions (Poland), Azermedoth Records (Mexico), Satanath Records (Russia) and Slovak Metal Army.


The disc itself is including bonus – the very first studio record of SOLFERNUS. It is never officially released EP „Diabolic Phenomenon“ from 2003.


Fifty five minutes of true and aggressive Black Metal is the main part of the full coloured three panels digipack.


SOLFERNUS line-up is featuring also killers from Czech Republic´s underground acts ROOT and CULT OF FIRE.


SOLFERNUS rerelease2021



01. Lucifer's Orchestra
02. Advent Massacra
03. Bros of Inferno
04. Victoria Karisma
05. In Bondage of Blind Desire
06. Hysteria in Coma
07. Dogra's Empire (Root cover)
08. Furious Beat of the Black Hearts
09. The Antichrist (Slayer cover)
10. Darker than the Darkness




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