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Album EK Even Knudsen   March 04, 2019   1136 1 2 0
Swedish doom legends Candlemass returns with their first studio album in seven years, and it also marks the return of singer Johan Längquist to the line-up. As most of you probably already know Längquist was the man behind the...
Album EK Even Knudsen   October 28, 2018   1528 1 2 0
It´s been a while since I last listened to Sirenia, or any other female fronted sympho/goth bands to be honest. I was a fan of the genre years ago, but it came to a point were too many bands...
DAWN OF DISEASE Ascension Gate
Album EK Even Knudsen   August 17, 2017   2408 1 2 0
'Ascension Gate' is the fourth full lenght album from German band Dawn Of Disease. Their melodic style of death metal is heavily inspired by the early Gothenburg scene and you can clearly hear certain parallels to bands like At...
Album EK Even Knudsen   May 30, 2017   2091 1 1 0
It's not a big secret that I've always been a huge Vintersorg fan, and I consider every single album in their discography pure quality. With that said, I must add that the first two albums, not counting the Hedniskhjärtad...
Album EK Even Knudsen   October 14, 2015   2499 0 1 0
Swedish death/doom metallers makes their return to the limelight with their sixth studio album entitled 'Sovran', once again they have remained faithful to their style and there's nothing wrong about that. Instedad of trying to redefine the genre these...
THULCANDRA - Ascension Lost
Album EK Even Knudsen   February 04, 2015   3833 1 1 0
Thulcandra was founded back in 2003 by Steffen Kummerer (OBSCURA) and Juergen Zintz with a clear intention of composing music in the vein of acts such as Dissection, Sacramentum and Unanimated, a celebration of old-school Swedish blackened death metal...
HATE - Crusade Zero
Album EK Even Knudsen   February 02, 2015   5533 1 1 0
Two years have passed since Polish death metallers Hate released their eminent 'Solarflesh' album, but finally the highly antisipated successor is here. I do consider Hate as a death metal band, but to be fair there's a good protion...
GORMATHON Following The Beast
Album EK Even Knudsen   October 22, 2014   2389 1 1 0
Gormathon brings a little bit of fresh blood into the melodic death metal arena, sounding slightly different to most other bands in the genre. It’s not that everything on this album is extremely original, in fact it’s not and...
IN FLAMES Siren Charms
Album EK Even Knudsen   October 22, 2014   2065 1 1 0
In Flames once sorted among my favorite bands within the melodic death metal genre, but that was then and this is now. ‘Clayman’ was actually the last album that I offered any serious attention, and since then the curve...
Album EK Even Knudsen   October 22, 2014   2037 1 1 0
As always when a new Vintersorg album arrives it’s just like Christmas eve at my place, I’ve been a huge fan of this guy’s work and talent way back since the release of the amazing ‘Till Fjälls’ album in...
124 results - showing 1 - 10
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