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Album E Even   December 10, 2020   2012 1 2 0
This is undoubtedly the most anticipated release this year for me personally and now the wait is finally over. The band started the work on this material about seven years ago, but the release was delayed when founding member...
VISCERA Obsidian
Album E Even   March 10, 2020   1807 1 2 0
The deathcore genre is constantly evolving pushing boundaries of musicianship and production to new heights. While UK based band Viscera might be a new name to the genre, that is not the case for the musicians being members and...
KROSIS A Memoir Of Free Will
Album E Even   March 04, 2020   1769 1 2 0
‘A Memoir Of Free Will’, the second full length album from North Carolina based Krosis, is quite a mouthful to consume and I had to give it a few spins before it really started to sink in. Their style...
Album E Even   December 11, 2018   2578 1 2 0
Cognitive's 2016 album 'Deformity' was frequently played at my home around it's release, and now the New Jersey based tehcnical death metal force are back with the follow up which is their third studio album and their second for...
Album E Even   November 29, 2018   2763 1 2 0
French tech death metallers Dysmorphic are back with the follow up to their ambitous 2013 debut 'A Nation Of Casuality', and you can immediately hear that they have taken a huge step forward on 'An Illusive Progress'. Dysmorphic's style...
Album E Even   October 16, 2018   2499 1 2 0
I must admit that I have never heard, or even heard of Italian death Metal band Bloodtruth until I got this album which by the way is their second in line, but still I had high expectations when I...
Album E Even   September 17, 2018   1942 1 2 0
German based Stillbirth are back with their fifth studio album entitled ‘Annihilation of Mankind’. While their 2015 album ‘Global Error’ sorted in the borderline between traditional death metal and brutal death metal, this new one is definitely a step...
Album E Even   July 04, 2018   3197 1 2 0
I first got aware of this French band when I heard the 'Ascension' album which was released through Great Dane Records last year. I've played that album alot and have really been looking forward to the next chapter in...
Album E Even   July 04, 2018   2260 1 2 0
Heading from Grenoble, France The Walking Dead Orchestra return with their sophomore full length album following up their 2013 debut entitled 'Architects Of Distruction'. 'Resurrect' is a concept album centred around the character of 'The Architect', who continues his...
AFTERBIRTH The Time Traveler´s Dilemma
Album E Even   August 12, 2017   2804 1 1 0
´The Time Traveler´s Dilemma´is the debut full-lenght album from Long Island, New York based technical death metal act Afterbirth and what a magnificent way to enter the limelight. The album is released through Unique Leader Records which as a...
17 results - showing 1 - 10
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