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BLOODBATH Grand Morbid Funeral
Album EK Even Knudsen   November 25, 2014   13791 1 1 0
Six years have passed since Bloodbath released their last album, the amazing ‘The Fantomless Mastery’, but now they are finally back with their fourth studio album entitled ‘Grand Morbid Funeral’ and I must admit that my expectations were quite...
Album EK Even Knudsen   November 21, 2014   3243 1 2 0
I not quite sure whether its Job For A Cowboy or my musical taste that have gone through significant changes since the last time I reviewed an album from these guys – but something is different for sure. Starting...
Album EK Even Knudsen   November 10, 2014   3747 1 1 0
Nightingale is the brainchild of Swedish producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Swanö also known from among others Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath and Witherscape. While most of his other projects points in the direction of death- and extreme metal Nightingale...
TRIOSPHERE The Heart Of The Matter
Album EK Even Knudsen   November 07, 2014   3599 1 1 0
More than four years have passed since Norwegian power metal outfit Triosphere released their previous album ‘The Road Less Travelled’. Since then Ørjan Aare Jørgensen has left the band and Kenneth Tårneby has joined the band as their new...
VOMITILE Mastering The Art Of Killing
Album EK Even Knudsen   November 06, 2014   3271 1 1 0
Vomitile is a Cyprus-based death metal band, they were formed in 2007 and released their debut album, ‘Igniting Chaos’, three years later. Now the guys are back with the follow up to their debut and I’m sure that ‘Mastering...
WHILE HEAVEN WEPT Suspended At Aphelion
Album EK Even Knudsen   November 05, 2014   3112 1 1 0
I must admit that I haven’t offered Wihile Heaven Wept too much attention in the past despite the fact that their history reaches over twenty years back in time, but I guess I have to do something about that...
THUNDERWORKS Thoughts & Thunder
Album EK Even Knudsen   November 03, 2014   2600 1 1 0
ThunderWorks is an American band led by Michael J. Amari who is responsible for all music on this album and he also play all instruments himself, while vocal duties are taken care of by Belgian vocalist Brandon ‘Voidspawn’ Leigh....
VESANIA Deus Ex Machina
Album EK Even Knudsen   October 31, 2014   2550 1 1 0
It has been a long wait for the follow up album to the excellent 2007 effort from Vesania, ‘Distractive Killusions’, but now it’s finally here. Featuring present and past members of Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir and Decapitated it’s impossible for...
FORENSICK The Prophecy
Album EK Even Knudsen   October 30, 2014   2789 1 1 0
Are you ready for some real traditional heavy metal? Well, then German band Forensick would be a good place to start. These young guys have certainly not reinvented the wheel with their second studio album since the formula is...
BEYOND CREATION Earthborn Evolution
Album EK Even Knudsen   October 30, 2014   2061 1 1 0
‘The Aura’, the debut album of Canadian technical death metal outfit Beyond Creation was some kind of a well-hidden treasure for a couple of years until it was re-released by Season Of Mist last year. It was simply a...
25 results - showing 1 - 10
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