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CHROME MOLLY Gunpowder Diplomacy

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CHROME MOLLY Gunpowder Diplomacy
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British based band CHROME MOLLY was formed way back in 1982 as a part of the NWOBHM movement, but they never really managed to break out of the underground with any of their four full length albums released troughout the eighties. The band split up in 1991 and was put to rest until 2010. Now they are back with their first studio album in 22 years, a release that also marks the 30th anniversary since the debutalbum was released. The new album features the 3 founding members Steve Hawkins (vocals), John Antcliffe (Guitars), Nic Wastell (Bass) and new boy (since 1990) Greg Ellis (drums). The new album entitled 'Gunpowder Diplomacy' features 11 new tracks of melodic hard rock. It sounds surpirsingly fresh with a production that sounds up to date but at the same time gives a hint back to the happy eighties. The songs are of good standard with lots of energy, cool riffs and sing along friendly choruses. The guys certainly proves that their instrumental skills has not faded over the years and Steve Hawkins vocals fits the material like a glove. Chrome Molly anno 2013 may not sound very original, but still I consider this album among the more successful comebacks since you can easily hear that these guys are enjoying themselves and they still have something to offer.

'Gunpowder Diplomacy' 2013
'Slaphead' 1990
'Angst' 1988
'Stick it out' 1987
'You can have it all..' 1985


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