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ULTHIMA Symphony Of The Night

ULTHIMA Symphony Of The Night

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ULTHIMA Symphony Of The Night

Every now and then you happen to discover new music simply by accident, and that was the case when I stumbled into Ulthima’s debut album on Youtube. There is not much information about the band available online, but from what I found it appears that Ulthima is a Mexican-Finnish collaboration. The band was formed in Mexico by guitarist Ricardo Escobar and bassist Antonio Valdès ten years or so ago. The two Mexicans then decided to move to Finland where they completed the line-up with Toumas Antila (vocals), Ville Nummisalo (drums) and Niko Sutine (keyboards).  “Symphony Of The Night” has been in the making for several years but was completed recently and released a couple of weeks ago through Inverse Records. The music is melodic death metal the Scandinavian way, no doubt about that and originality is definitely not what makes this album stand out from the masses. However, the quality of the song material can not be denied and all nine tracks are premium quality melodic death metal with strong and catchy melodies, harmonies, lead parts and very suitable vocals for this style of music. You can easily draw parallels to acts such as Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Norther and even some early Children Of Bodom, at least that should give you a fair idea of what to expect from this album. “Symphony Of The Night” is actually one of the most enjoyable melodic death metal albums I’ve heard for years and therefore I can easily recommend it to fans of the genre. Well done!



Symphony Of The Night (2021)

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