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MENTAL CRUELTY release music video for new song 'Planet of Misery' at Slam Worldwide


Monstrously heavy slamming deathcore group MENTAL CRUELTY have released a new music video for their song “Planet of Misery” via Slam Worldwide. The track is from the Karlsruhe, DE based band’s forthcoming new full length Inferis, which will be unleashed on May 10th.


Produced and mixed by Sky Van Hoff (Rammstein, Kreator, Caliban) and featuring artwork from Pedro “Lordigan” Sena (Ingested, Organectomy), Inferis serves as the bands most massive, brutal, and enraged material to date. The album contains 10 tracks of unrelentingly crushing material and proves to be one of the most exciting heavy releases of the year.


Watch the music video for “Planet of Misery” below:



MENTAL CRUELTY will be hitting the road in Europe alongside Rings of Saturn, Nekrogoblikon, Left to the Wolves, and Harbinger in May and June as part of the “Sounds of Carnage Tour”.


Dates below –


3/5 Mannheim, DE @ MS Connexion
4/5 Venice, IT @ Revolver
5/5 Milan, IT @ Circolo Svolta
6/5 Ljubljana, SL @ Orto Bar
7/5 Munchen, DE @ Backstage
8/5 Oberhausen, DE @ Kulttempel
9/5 London, UK @ Underworld
10/5 Southampton, UK @ Joiners
11/5 Manchester, UK @ Rebellion
12/5 Leeds, UK @ Key Club
13/5 Birmingham, UK @ Mama Roux
14/5 Rotterdam, NL @ Baroeg
15/5 Hannover, DE @ Cafe Glocksee
16/5 Aarau, CH @ Kiff
17/5 Schweinfurt, DE @ Alter Stannbahnhof
18/5 Prague, CZ @ Nova Chemlnice
19/5 Wien, AT @ Viper Room
20/5 Budapest, HU @ Durer Kert
21/5 Bratislava, SK @ Randal Club
22/5 Leipzig, DE @ Naumanns
23/5 Berlin, DE @ Lido
24/5 Hamburg, DE @ Logo


Since their formation in 2016 MENTAL CRUELTY have consistently pushed the boundaries of slam and deathcore with the undeniably savage, endlessly vitriolic, and massively devastating sound. The group’s relentless output continues to show exponential growth in both songwriting and unparalleled command of brutality with each subsequent release and accounts for their rapid ascent towards the pantheon of the world’s most extreme bands.


Their newest album Inferis delivers this trend of no holds barred, scorched earth songwriting. Building on the sound established by their 2016 Pereat Mundus and their 2018 full length Purgatorium, MENTAL CRUELTY’s newest effort sees the band crushing everything in their pursuit of true, unadulterated sonic violence.




Tracklist 'Inferis':

1. Inferis
2. Planet of Misery
3. Blood Altar
4. Tormentum
5. Priest of Damnation
6. Mundus Vult Decipi
7. Cosmic Indifference
8. Godhunt
9. Human Evisceration
10. Monocerotis


Physical pre-order bundles for Inferis are available on our IndieMerch store.
Digital bundles are available on our Bandcamp page.



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