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E Even   February 18, 2020   1112 1 2 0
Archon Angel was born out of a collaboration between former Savatage vocalist Zak Stevens and Secret Sphere guitarist and producer Aldo Lonobile. On the songwriting side the duo has received creative help from a few prominent personalities of the...
SCARS OF THE FLESH Reaching Into The Void
E Even   February 13, 2020   1290 1 2 0
Scars Of The Flesh is a death metal act heading from San Antonio, Texas and ‘Reaching Into The Void’ is their sophomore album following up their 2017 debut ‘Harvest Of Souls’. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to check...
SHAKRA Mad World
E Even   February 13, 2020   1179 1 2 0
I have always considered Shakra as one of the most exciting and fresh sounding new bands within the melodic hard rock genre, so I guess it came as a bit of a shock to read that ‘Mad World’ marks...
E Even   August 16, 2019   2848 3 2 0
It’s been two years since ‘Reclaimer’, the last full length album from Conneticut/Rhode Island based Shadow Of Intent saw the light of day, but now the wait is finally over as they return with their highly anticipated successor entitled...
E Even   May 22, 2019   1580 1 2 0
Amon Amarth, the undisputed Swedish kings of melodic death metal strikes again with their eleventh full length album entitled ‘Berserker, and as always our Swedish friends have delivered pure quality. Amon Amarth is a band that have remained true...
E Even   May 20, 2019   2062 1 2 0
Every now and then when listening through loads of new albums you’re in for a big surprise when you least expect it, and that was certainly the case when I first heard this debut album from Atlanta, Georgia based...
E Even   April 23, 2019   2031 1 2 0
'Apoptosis' is fifth full-lenght album from Denver, Colorado based Allegaeon, and as all their previous albums this one is also released through Metal Blade Records. Guitarist Greg Burgess is the only remaining original member, but the sound is still...
E Even   April 15, 2019   2200 1 2 0
American deathcore outfit Enterprise Earth strikes back with their third full length album consisting of twelve new tracks and a total runtime of just above 50 minutes. A quite long album for the genre in other words. I haven’t...
E Even   March 29, 2019   1930 1 2 0
 California based technical death metal trio Inanimate Existence returns with their fifth full-length album in just seven years, set for a May 10th release through The Artisan Era. Even though being one of the most productive bands around right...
E Even   March 25, 2019   1925 1 2 0
Crafting The Conspiracy is a new acquaintance to me, heading from Odessa, Texas and they promote themselves as a melodic death metal band. I would probably rather file them as deathcore, but of course with elements of both melodic-...
4295 results - showing 31 - 40
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